Your Guru and My Growth

man-not-listeningIt is wonderful to find an authority, someone from whom you feel that you have much to learn. Perhaps this mentor is the most knowledgeable, wise, and effective teacher you ever had. Maybe he has guided you to new levels of achievement that seemed impossible before. Of course you are grateful. Of course you will want to recognize his contributions, and give him credit for his amazing work. It is natural to want to stay with him for a long time, to learn as much as you can.

But no matter how fabulous a master is, in any field, there is no end point to learning. There is no one absolute path to almost anywhere interesting. There have been and will be other masters. There are other points of view, very different from the guru’s, that are also valuable, even if you are now unable to see that.

Maybe you are tired of seeking. Maybe you have found a teacher who has more to give than you can absorb in a lifetime. Maybe you feel that it is time to synthesize all that you have learned, and stay with the guru’s system of knowledge and application of principles in your field. Maybe you are afraid of change. Maybe you don’t want to lose your investment. Maybe you are content and growing in the way you need to be growing.

And maybe my path is very different. Please understand that some people find a place to stay, and others move on, and we both might be right and we both might be wrong. However it turns out, you don’t have the right to tell me to close my mind to other possibilities. You do not get to decide which light I will grow toward. You are your business and I am my business.

Peace on your way.

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