What Vocal Freedom Feels Like

Some of you may ask “Is vocal freedom really a thing? Isn’t it hard work to make operatic sounds, or to be a lead singer for a rock band?”.

One must expend energy to sing, of course – sometimes a lot of it – but there are always further efficiencies we can make, muscles we can exercise better, concepts we can refine. There is a threshold that fortunate advancing singers cross, where singing generally feels good. Some never get there, and others get it, and lose it, as time goes on.

Sadly, I have had a couple of students, and have met other singers, who refuse to accept the idea that singing can be easier. Easy is good. Easy SOUNDS good. Easy FEELS good. Singing should feel good. That doesn’t mean 100% relaxed, limp, or sleepy. When the voice moves towards freedom and develops higher function, the energy is experienced as positive and right and flowing. It is an energization of the system that feels up and joyful, and 100% alive, not a burden to be borne with martyrdom.

As a human being, you have the right to pursue singing that feels good. Don’t accept a “better sound” that feels bad. While you’re studying, you may experience “strange”, “weird”, or “different” feelings with something new; that’s OK. Follow them to where they lead you, and decide if you like where you have arrived. But if anything hurts or feels bad, stop, and go a different way.


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