What do you do in lessons?

This is a question I sometimes get from people who have never taken music lessons before. It’s a reasonable question, and perhaps people who have taken lessons before should be asking it too!

In the first lesson, we start by discussing your goals and history with singing and music in general. Then in the studio I guide you through vocal exercises that allow me to hear what your voice can presently do technically. After hearing you on some exercises and perhaps a song, I end the first lesson by describing how I would work with you in the future to help you with your goals.

After the first time, lessons usually begin with vocal exercises to make your voice more strong, free, and flexible, and end with working on material that you want to sing. The exercises are a little different for everybody, because everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals are different. If the singer is young or new to singing, I make suggestions about which songs to work on. With more experienced singers we will work on material for performances and auditions.

With the exercises, I am your vocal personal trainer, helping you to make your instrument function better. With your repertoire (songs, arias, scenes), it is my goal to help you to use that new and improved technique in your performing, as well as paying attention to diction, language, style, and presentation.

Even if you sing in a style in which I am not an expert, I am always working to help you use your voice in a more free, healthy, and authentic manner.

I record the lessons and give you the recording so that you can easily repeat the exercises at home.

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