I highly recommend Brian for voice lessons. He is an excellent teacher, and his instruction helped my son get the most out of his college audition pieces. The best thing about Brian is that he meets students where they are and allows them a lot of input into the type of music they sing.

– A. M.

In D. Brian Lee’s book “Sane Singing”, the author offers a practical guide for the singer to look at career-building with a common sensical approach. He addresses many of the pitfalls that singers fall into along their training route, including over-breathing, using the teacher as a therapist, and allowing information to go unquestioned. This book is an honest look at many questions that every singer should ask himself/herself about the singing profession. I recommend it!

– David L. Jones / Vocal Pedagogue

Using down to earth, matter of fact musings, combined with dry humor and directness, Brian Lee opens voice users and teachers to a less aggressive, more invitational learning. Wicked smart, yet unwilling to posture, this man is one you want to have a glass of wine and wonder out loud with.

– Michelle Markwart Deveaux, Founder of The Speakeasy Cooperative