Teachers Learning from Teachers

Yesterday I attended a master class with a friend of mine who is also a teacher. The four students were all age 16 or 17, the two boys singing musical theatre songs, and the two girls singing art songs. Having a colleague to discuss it with was very enjoyable and added to the learning experience.

The master teacher, Carol Cavey-Miles, worked well with the students and was very kind and professional. Her advice was helpful and concise. She was clear about her observations of what needed work. It seems to me that the class was very successful.

The techniques that a master class teacher uses are probably more helpful to the teachers in the audience than to the students, because the recommended corrective measures need time and digestion to become effective, and teachers should be the ones to help young singers manage that process. If an observing teacher can minimize thoughts of “I wouldn’t do it that way.” and devote 100% attention to observing how someone else solves a problem, much can be learned.

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