Summer Howdy

In late June I attended the national conference of the National Association of Teachers of Singing in Las Vegas. I rented part of a booth in the exhibit hall with members of the Speakeasy Cooperative in order to market my book, Sane Singing. I also had a poster paper selected for presentation with the title “Self-Assessment Protocol for Singers”.

At the booth, it was fun to talk with people about “what it’s about” and see how they pick up a book and check it out. I met some nice people that way. It was also interesting to see the resistance from two people as they asked a challenging question or two, and then walked away. I shared a table with Liz Jackson Hearns who is doing innovative work in her writing and teaching, with a focus on serving transgender clients. I am taking her course next month in order to expand my knowledge in this area. She published two books in the same year, which seems overwhelming to me right now! But now I’ve published a book, and taken it to a professional conference. And I’ve learned a couple ideas for a more interesting booth in the future.

By the end of the conference, I had talked with several people who had read Sane Singing and the feedback was fascinating. My attempts to categorize and summarize the book have changed a bit by hearing the words of others.

At the poster session, I got interesting comments and feedback on the idea of self-assessment by singers. Several people who teach in postsecondary institutions were supportive, saying that it could be helpful to have their students be more involved in their learning. By the time the conference rolled around, I was more concerned with how to iron my fabric poster and not have it look crummy than I was about the content, which I had been preparing for many months. All was well.

Both of these activities at NATS were wonderful opportunities to put ideas out into the world and talk about them with smart and interested people.

I’m looking forward to my next project under my new publishing house, Better Baggage Publishing. Geeky adventures!

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