Shaking it up

tidal_influxSometimes we need a change. Things we do repeatedly can start to go south, in the sense that we do them more and more automatically, less mindfully, and with less interest. This effect is good for many things, but lousy for staying inspired or enthused.

Consider doing something new for mind or body this week. Here are some ideas to start with. I’ll bet you can come up with many more and better ideas for you:

  • Have a date night that is not on a weekend. Don’t wait for a partner for this. Have special nights even for yourself!
  • Sing something you haven’t sung for 10 years.
  • Drop in on a tai chi or yoga class.
  • Take a walk in an unusual neighborhood.
  • Dance.
  • Go to the art supply store and buy a few cheap toys to play with.
  • Resolve not to look at an electronic screen of any kind for an entire evening.
  • Journal/ draw/ speak/ videorecord about things you would do if time and money were not problems.
  • Kiss a loved one unexpectedly.
  • Buy flowers for your table for no reason at all.

These are all short-term things, relatively easy. You might also think medium- and long-term – a course to take, a type of exercise to pursue, meetings that energize you, changing your practice routine, researching a new subject, reorganizing home or office, finding new employment.

There is no reason to do the same thing the same way forever and ever. Doing so kills art, inspiration, and growth. Feel the fear and do it anyway. This message is for me as much as you. Let’s go!


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