Petite Pockets of Practice Time

It is not always easy to find a large chunk of time in which to practice. Some people can’t concentrate for more than a few minutes. For both of these reasons, learning how to use small chunks of time for vocalizing can be useful, especially when building new habits.

Places I have practiced over the years:

  • In the car (almost everyone does this!)
  • In the stairwell of a parking garage
  • In a boiler room of an office building
  • In an empty auditorium of an office building
  • At the end of a train platform
  • Facing hanging clothes in a hotel closet
  • During a walk in the woods or other less populated outdoor area

In the current USA, many of us are in cars a lot, but there are two dangers to practicing in the car. First, the acoustics are not good, with constant background noise and no reverb, so be careful not to oversing. Second, our posture while driving or riding in a car is quite different from any way that we would be singing on stage. Cars can force you to be slumpy. Of course, if you are singing while operating the car, your attention will be split. Careful!

The other places listed above are OK for being able to stand up straight, but they can have radically different acoustic environments. In many of these places, we may inhibit ourselves by subconsciously or consciously trying not to disturb nearby people.

Mix it up. It’s not good to mostly sing in dry or live environments, or always in small spaces, or always in the same place. Plus, it’s fun to hear what you sound like in different places!


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