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There are a lot of places on Facebook where voice teachers can congregate and discuss. This convenient way to interact can be very educational and helpful when it is done with awareness, care, and respect. I want to give a shout out to a few singing-related groups that I am presently enjoying. These are often groups that formed in response to older, nasty groups where people pounce on each other, or where sarcasm and egotism tend to rule. Maybe all those things go together?

Anyway, if a group feels bad, I chuck it. I also have a strict “12 groups” rule for Facebook. I currently belong to 10 groups there, and if I join a new one, I leave an old one and don’t go over 12. I tend towards distraction and social media addiction like the next guy, and I have to impose some limits on myself.

Here are some of my favorites, on the “life is too short to hang out with ugly vibes” list:

  • The New Forum for Professional Voice Teachers
  • Leading Voice Professionals – Collaborative Advancement
  • The New New Forum for Classical Singers (mostly for singers, but many teachers there)
  • The Speakeasy Cooperative

Pretty short list, eh? I have tried several others, and they just tend to be overwhelming and bring me down. I think it all comes down to the way the moderators tend to the group.

Now if you’re really smart and strong, you won’t be on Facebook at all because it’s a silly time-suck, but in a profession where there is so little collaboration and opportunity for real-time mingling, these groups seem to suck the least.

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  1. I’m getting some interesting private feedback on this. People are saying to me that a couple of those groups above are somewhat toxic. Well, the WHOLE INTERNET is somewhat toxic. There is no Internet Shangri-La. Anywhere people interact with only digitally-delivered words, there will be games played.

    A group that many members love may just look like another clique or cult to outsiders. Use of foul language may horrify some and feel like liberation to other people. People who are curt in real life are often even worse online and give off a hostile vibe. Even in all of the four groups I posted above, there is plenty of posing, hypersensitivity, insensitivity, grandstanding, oneupmanship, condescension, and stupidity. But I guess I’m a salvager. I like finding good things in unexpected places. I have connected to some smart and good people in these groups. I take the good, forget the bad.

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