The Joy of Vocalizing

Consider making sound for sound’s sake. Remember fun and joy and silliness and curiosity? Has much time passed since you associated such words with vocalizing?

Some ideas for how to enjoy your amazing voice:

  • Imitation – of people, animals, singing, speaking, emoting, environmental sounds, instruments.
  • Play with dynamic contrasts. Totally over-the-top, tasteless alternations of soft and loud volumes.
  • Play with contrasts between fast movement and sustaining sounds.
  • Link your voice to body movements or events in your day. “This is my hurry up sound.” “This is my sigh of annoyance.” “This is my wake-up sound.” “This is my hungry sound.”
  • Explore dark and bright timbres.
  • Speak and sing in various accents.
  • Spout gibberish that does not belong to any language, but inflect it as if it were real speech.
  • Try talking louder or softer than normal for a day.
  • Yodel.
  • Think out loud occasionally.
  • Ululate.
  • Chant.
  • Sing.

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