Issues that affect the voice


Voice, being a phenomenon at the intersection of body, environment, mind, emotions, and expressive intent, can be affected by many, many things.

Some teachers are too nosy and involved with their students, and others perhaps not enough! Students and teachers need to communicate with each other about issues or changes in the following:

  • recent voice overuse
  • vocal discomfort of any kind
  • new/changed medications
  • hormonal issues
  • injuries to the body that affect the structures of the neck, head, torso
  • breathing problems, including asthma, allergies, apnea
  • neurological issues
  • strong emotional experiences
  • sleep
  • recent experiences affecting the way one thinks about singing
  • thoughts from the past that are affecting the learning process
  • mood
  • diet
  • conflicting advice from others about one’s voice


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