Happy to sing

Do you enjoy singing? It may seem like a stupid question to people who are not professional singers or conservatory students. However, I have met people “in the biz” who seem to have forgotten that singing can/should be enjoyable. When every singing event is high stakes and serious and judged and “important”, it can feel like anything but fun.

Recently I met someone who has come back from singing after a long time away and she has shared that she feels so good after a voice lesson or coaching. She is happy and thankful to be back to singing. It made me reflect on how over the years I have often seen my happy moments coming from smaller events like practicing, lessons, and salon-type events. It isn’t always about being on the biggest stage.

Some pros will say that enjoyment isn’t the point; it’s about recognition, pay, and opportunities. They have lost touch with doing it for fun. I’m not saying that professionals should not be paid well for their efforts. I mean that if the joy is gone, a way must be found to bring back the love of singing in the moment and not just as a career vehicle. This is as true for the 10th grader who wants to sing well in order to get attention as it is for the 40 year old touring singer who just wants the best possible contract.


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