For its own sake

Why pursue voice training? Why all the practice and exercises and lessons and coachings? Why work at improving singing ability per se instead of “just singing”?

Because: It feels awfully good to be able to do something you were not able to do before. If singing feels good, then singing better feels extra-good. It is nice to have other people measure your singing (“Wow, you have improved! You sound great!”), but what a potentially greater pleasure to nail something in the practice room or studio for the first time! Treasure those moments. Enjoy the successes privately as well as publicly. Cheer for yourself. If you love what you’re doing, others will also love it anyway.

All of that is icing on the cake of what practicing your art does for your technique, your career, and the world. You deserve to enjoy your singing as much as anybody, so why not celebrate every improvement?

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