Finding your way back – every day

I am generally a good practicer. Not always as much as I’d like, but I’m fairly regular.

Sometimes I’ll start vocalizing and not liking how I’m singing, but I know that if I keep going, with intelligent principles and kindness to myself, I start to sound better. I’ll get to a point where I think, “Wow that’s good!” Then I scramble to to write a few notes to myself that I can use the next day, and record snippets to prove that it’s OK. If it does sound like the voice is working better on the recording, then I sometimes worry: How do I get it back tomorrow? How can I start better and stay with this good singing? How can I make it so that it’s this good all the time?

After years of this fussing, I am beginning to see a little light leaking in around the closing door that seems to end each practice session! I have proven hundreds of times that practicing helps me sing better overall, and that after I’ve warmed up my voice for a few minutes, I’m okay.

I like solving problems, and when I’m in a peaceful frame of mind, I don’t mind finding my way out of a mess. And if every day starts a little messy, that’s OK. It gets better. For me practicing is about finding the way, every day, on good voice days and bad voice days. It’s about getting energized, removing what is unneeded, working with Nature, listening, and acknowledging; then choosing what comes next. I seem to keep learning about how to do all these things, which is wonderful.

Achieving and maintaining perfection will just have to wait for some other universe.

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