Confidence in performance

What is the mental game you play with yourself to keep yourself feeling like a badass? Do you ever get to the point where you feel like every note is golden?

No, I never feel like all the notes are golden. However, I do make conscious decisions about when I’m willing to release whatever I do to the world, and just let it be. Calling oneself “badass” is just an ego trick. Whether your ego is propping you up or making you doubt yourself, the decision to release your singing and let the song come from you is yours, from a deeper place than “I’m totally happy with it.”. There comes a time when my preparation is enough, and the way I’m singing is enough, and that’s all I can give. The appearance of confidence to oneself and others is trusting that you have done the work and are ready to release it. It’s OK to have doubts, if you have done the work and made the decision.

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