Judging at NATS

I judged college junior women and college senior men today. I will write a few random notes here. Please ask other people what your “starter piece” should be. A lot of you picked starter pieces that were not your best, I suspect. I heard lots of Italian with missing R’s today. Flip or roll, those […]

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On the “mix” needed for some nonclassical styles of singing

First: Laryngeal height The way to balance a voice has often been described as a “balancing act” between the “stretcher muscles” (cricothyroid) and the “closer muscles” (mostly thyroarytenoid). This is a handy two-dimensional model, but the larynx, being a physical thing, has a third dimension, or it wouldn’t be a physical object. This other dimension […]

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Legit and non-legit

These are styles, not physiological phenomena. There may be common tendencies in the technical approaches to some songs in some styles, but there are not hard and fast rules. An attempt to try to describe belt as “constricted” reflects a misunderstanding of what an ideal performance of a belt song would sound like. Judy Garland […]

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