Blind Spots, or, We don’t know what we don’t know

Of course, we can’t know what we don’t know. However, a person who has ever had to change their thinking radically will often come to realize that there are probably many MORE things yet to learn of which they are presently ignorant. This is the way of the inquisitive mindset. Being willing to have beliefs proven either true or false leads to a kind of openness that allows learning to proceed at a faster pace.

However, one can overdo anything! If you hop from mentor to mentor and belief system to belief system too quickly, you can find it difficult to build confidence and stability. With experience comes the ability to not just absorb, but to further process the new information in combination with what one has learned before – synthesis. Probably, hopefully, healthily – one also learns when to reject some ideas as not useful.

As I wake up to my voice each day, I spend a few minutes playing with the attitude that I do not know my voice at all. How might I familiarize myself with a new voice, this voice that I have this day, which might be different than ever before? As I get warmed up, and things prove to be possible or not, I usually recognize familiar patterns, sensations, and sounds. “Ah, this will be a Model 4QB day, whereas yesterday was more of a 7GV.” But if you always go for the 4QB every day, because it’s so darned “good”, what do you do when it just won’t “go there” anymore? Do you force your concept, or do you allow yourself to fully experience the essence of the day? Can you deal with finding a new vocal path, if necessary? Yet again? Are you willing to discover your voice every day?

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