Is the high road worth it?

I’m in a foul, wondering mood.

I have seen public life get less and less dignified over the years. So many people are jaded. The internet came along and every angry, weird, crazy person was able to find buddies even quicker and stay isolated in their camps. People feel emboldened to be meaner in these gangs. Along with these new ways of socializing, the ever-expanding marketplace has tentacles ever further into our psyches through the same web with which we reach “our people”. People with nothing to sell are obsessed with their “brand”. What?

I see someone like the over the top Tristan Paredes on Youtube ruthlessly taking down all the Youtube voice teaching snake oil salespeople and I wonder if he’s just too much. But is he? The people he is criticizing are indeed way overstating what is possible with their methods and products. Often Tristan will cite research to back himself up. He is very good at identifying what doesn’t work. It isn’t always clear what he thinks DOES work, but he sure does have great ears and a rational mind. I would hate getting sucked into battles of my own creation in that manner but maybe he likes it.

I have considered taking on a different persona¬† and name, with a new Youtube channel in order to satirize the things I hear the Youtube voice teachers say. I would prefer to simply call bullshit plain and simple on this blog, but it stirs up so much resistance and doesn’t change minds all that well. I get enough hate mail the way it is! I guess people’s reactions are their business, not mine. But what, really, is a blogger’s (my) business?

These are my jumbled thoughts after a rough day in a rough week in a rough country going through a rough time.

2 thoughts to “Is the high road worth it?”

  1. Haters will hate. Lovers will love. Michelle Obama recently was quoted as saying that no matter what people said about her, she KNEW it did not define her.

    KNOW THYSELF. That is actually an incredibly deep and statement full of truth. Our son is now recognizable all over the world for his educational Youtube Channel, and he has a way of handling trolls and pompous sorts that makes me wonder how he came out of me.

    A blogger’s business is 1) tell your story, which you are doing in a wonderful and engaging way 2) perhaps learn a different way of engaging only the pompous sorts. Trolls can be deleted and blocked. Don’t engage. I have learned from the Chinese martial arts how to let these things pass through me and out the other side. (metaphorically.) Hydrate well with coconut water, melons and green veggies which help with this process. A whole new world needs whole new skills to thrive. I am sorry I am sounding preachy but we do not want to lose you and your voice to the noise.

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