Conveying "legato" to students

The World English Dictionary defines legato as: “a style of playing [singing] in which no perceptible gaps are left between notes”. Random House says: “smooth and connected; without breaks between the successive tones.” I like the latter definition because it includes “smooth”. It is possible to connect notes that have rather violent boundaries between them. […]

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Time Out

I live next to a large, beautiful network of parks in which you can hike for many miles without circling back. I don’t go walking out there nearly often enough. It is a beautiful area of old trees and very friendly trails, or you can go off the main trails that run along the creek […]

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This Friday I will be going to Winchester, VA to participate in Level 1, 2, and 3 training with Jeannette Lovetri’s program. ( It is an intensive 9 days of the study of vocal pedagogy for “contemporary commercial music”. That term makes me wince a little, but it is probably better than “nonclassical”. Why? There […]

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