Getting meta for a moment

I’ve been at this blog since 2010. Hundreds of posts, many ideas explored and revisited, both successes and flops. You can’t predict people’s reactions. When I post about general principles, philosophy, and the mindset of the voice teacher, I tend to get generally positive reactions. When I post a more nuts-and-bolts “how to” type of […]

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My Teacher’s Credo

The following paragraph is how I answer “What’s your approach to voice teaching?” today. My goals as a teacher and as a singer are to do what works, and to keep things as practical as possible. I believe that the voice can be trained to respond with the most ease and efficient use of effort […]

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How, not what

In the online forums I’m seeing many discussions about voice science – Explanations of “open throat”. Descriptions of sound profiles of ideal (so they claim) vocal attributes. Assumptions about desirable vocal timbre. Incessant chatter about formants. Research papers and books and websites and buzz, buzz, buzz about all the visuals and measurables. The author of […]

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