I already know about that

Sometimes when I’m talking shop with colleagues they will tell me about a recent course, workshop, or book that they have learned from. Sometimes they may say, “You probably know all about that.” That is never true. If I have made the study of a topic my life’s work, my niche in the vocal world, […]

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Getting meta for a moment

I’ve been at this blog since 2010. Hundreds of posts, many ideas explored and revisited, both successes and flops. You can’t predict people’s reactions. When I post about general principles, philosophy, and the mindset of the voice teacher, I tend to get generally positive reactions. When I post a more nuts-and-bolts “how to” type of […]

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My Teacher’s Credo

The following paragraph is how I answer “What’s your approach to voice teaching?” today. My goals as a teacher and as a singer are to do what works, and to keep things as practical as possible. I believe that the voice can be trained to respond with the most ease and efficient use of effort […]

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