The role of an audition judge

I have a suggestion for judges at every level, from middle school festivals to the Met auditions: You are on the best ground if you report on what you hear, without giving ways to fix it. You do not know the context of that singer’s study, their history, their challenges, nor their ability to translate […]

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Growing Pains

Hello comrades! Let’s talk about “growing pains”. Sometimes there is a season for something really cool in your professional life, and then a few years later, it’s not so sizzling anymore. I think this can be due to growth, and not to a fault of the thing that we were originally excited about. Examples from […]

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Name your issues

If you have a recurring problem, and you want to get rid of it, identify it. Make it as not-vague as possible. You might encounter something for the first time when you hear a recording where you are flat and dull-sounding, and think “Yuck. I do not want to sound like that.” Make a good […]

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