Teaching to the test

When I was a public school music teacher, I joined my colleagues in annoyance with the number of school days spent testing children. With schools’ rankings and “grades” being partially dependent on test scores, administrators are very concerned with getting the highest scores possible. There is a bustling industry around predicting what is on the […]

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I already know about that

Sometimes when I’m talking shop with colleagues they will tell me about a recent course, workshop, or book that they have learned from. Sometimes they may say, “You probably know all about that.” That is never true. If I have made the study of a topic my life’s work, my niche in the vocal world, […]

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Getting meta for a moment

I’ve been at this blog since 2010. Hundreds of posts, many ideas explored and revisited, both successes and flops. You can’t predict people’s reactions. When I post about general principles, philosophy, and the mindset of the voice teacher, I tend to get generally positive reactions. When I post a more nuts-and-bolts “how to” type of […]

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