Brian Lee vocalabilityWelcome to my voice studio in Rockville, Maryland, near Washington DC. The services that I provide fall into two main categories:

Vocal Training

Functional technical goals include the ability to sing high and low, loud and soft, slow and fast, with maximum ease, appropriate diction, and a viable vocal quality for the chosen genre. Voice lessons help singers of all styles to achieve the best results.

Students from my studio have successfully auditioned for professional ensembles, The Voice and other competitions, and top music schools. I am also happy to help someone with minimal experience learn to sing for enjoyment. Helping people to liberate and grow their voices is what I love to do.

I have experience working with singers recovering from vocal injury or illness, in cooperation with their physicians.

Performance and Audition Coaching

As a vocal coach I assist singers with preparation for performances and auditions, working with recording artists, soloists, choristers, singer-songwriters, professional and amateur actors, college students, and children. I am a proficient pianist with experience playing for auditions, rehearsals, and performances.